“Who’s afraid of Rock & Roll” Gesangsworkshop und Abschlusskonzert

Posted on 16. Nov 2012

The “Who’s afraid of Rock & Roll” performance on Saturday night was such a great success. It was a new challenge for me and a great step foward for the singers who took part.
These singers were brave enough to put their trust in me to experiment with their beautiful vocal instruments. It was extremely challenging to teach these classically trained singers how to cross over the bridge into the Pop/Rock world. Two completely different singing techniques & styles.

I’ve developed a very easy technique for any singer to sing Pop/Rock. It does not have to take years to learn how to sing. By applying the right training tools, a singers voice can change within minutes! Without disturbing any part of their sound or technique.
The singers from Saturday night had an improvement in their own classical technique!

The Opera singers sang the first half of this show accompaniment by The Bochumer Symphonic Orchestra & talented Conductor Rasmus Baumann. The second half my band was added to the mix to set the stage for a more Pop-Rock & Roll sound.
It was a hit! The audience was moved to tears and fascinated by the beauty, power & possibilities of the human voice!

For me…. it was a dream come true!
It’s always been a passion to help other singers reach singing dreams they’ve always dreamed of.

Thank-you to all of you for this fun & exciting experimental vocal adventure!


The Singers:

Sarah Bouwers (Foto:Hahn):
Went from singing Bellini to Adele….Someone like you is a very difficult song for any singer to sing….Sarah mastered it brilliantly in it’s original key, with a very beautiful performance too!

Mark Gough:
First he sang ‘Rivolgete a Lui lo Sguardo’ accompanied by the magnificent Bochumer Symphoniker. Then in the second half of the show he went from being a Baritone to a full out Rock & Roll Tenor!
He rocked my favorite song from the band Journey “Don’t Stop Believing”! He never imagined he would be capable of vocally pulling this off! He did!

Jessica Fründ:
Opened the show singing a lovely version of Alica Keys “No One” …She now has some new tools & colors she can work into her already established warm sounding voice!

Evelyn Ziegler:
Is a real trooper….! She jumped right into her pop sound quite easily & shined her new sounding voice on the song “What a feeling”! A very challenging number with melodies that move up & down while singing with a full power singing voice! She did it!

I also taught them the importance of warming up & warming down their voices (like a pro athlete) every night before they went to sleep & drinking no alcohol & adding 2-3 liters of water to their full singing program!