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Posted on 31. Mar 2018


Gesangsunterricht-Vocal Training with Pamela Falcon!


Improve and learn how to create your best sounding voice!

Speak or Sing more freely and sound stronger at work and in everyday life.

Your voice is your communication tool… Sound your best!

Pamela Falcon also gives private voice lessons for those who want to work more personally on their specific goals for their Singing, Performances, and Personal Improvement.

Speech Skills for Executives. Improve Business Presentations, Articulation, Sound, Delivery, Stamina, and gain more Confidence. Understanding the importance of good Communication Skills.

For booking and further information you can reach us via phone or e-mail:

E-Mail: info@newyorkvoiceacademy.com

Phone: +49 170-720 66 05


Pamela Falcon gibt auch Privatunterricht für diejenigen die gerne auf persönlicherer Ebene an ihren Ziele in den Bereichen des Singens, Auftretens, Arbeitens oder der persönlichen Weiterentwicklung arbeiten möchten.

Für Buchungen und weitere Informationen erreichen Sie uns unter:

E-Mail: info@newyorkvoiceacademy.com

Phone: +49 170-720 66 05

Where – Wo:
New York Voice Academy
34 Kapellstr (Hinterhaus)
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