Persönliche Lösungen für deine Stimme finden Workshop…

 Problem-Solving Workshops – Persönliche Lösungen für deine Stimme finden

Problem-Solving Workshop for Singers:

with Dale Tracy & Pamela Falcon


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Don’t just live with your voice problems, get them handled & solved!

This is a one day workshop. We offer you winning solutions for all of your individual needs as a singer and performer. Every singer is unique! Every voice deals with different vocal issues that can be handled and solved. We will introduce a variety of solutions, vocal techniques, and expertise that aims to help you expand as a singing artist. Here are just a few topics that we will cover:

Different styles (Opera-Rock-Pop-Jazz)
Changing registers /Balance through bridges
Vocal Technique
Interpretation & Phrasing
Power & Clarity
Stage fright
Stage Presence
Body Work & Posture
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Phone: +49 170-720 66 05

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Persönliche Lösungen für deine Stimme finden Workshop:
mit Dale Tracy & Pamela Falcon

In unserem eintägigem Workshop arbeiten wir in Einzel- und Gruppensessions und stellen Euch verschiedene Lösungen für Eure Stimmführung vor.

Themen sind unter anderem:

Unterschiede in Stilmitteln
Stütze und Verankerung
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Phone: +49 170-720 66 05