My biggest fan! MOM!!!

Posted on 12. Dec 2011

Photo: Me & my mom at my favorite pizza place in NYC 11/11 (click to see it in full size).

My Mom (Suzanne) is almost 90 years old! (Don’t tell her that I told you!) 🙂
Suzy-Q was never encouraged to reach for her dreams. She was born a Renaissance Woman.. so creative & insightful!
She wanted to become a great artist, but was always pushed down & told that she should stop dreaming such silly things.
She married a Engineer/Architect (my dad) who turned out to be a complete disappointment & hindrance in all of our lives.
Eventually he left her with the full responsibliity of having to raise 5 kids all by herself.
My mom is my Inspiration. She was a fighter & taught me how to never give up.
I knew from a very early age that I could not live without music in my life. (Singing healed my pain)
I was touched by the lyrics, emotions, & the stories that the beautiful voices told.(Janis Joplin, Aretha, Billie Holiday, Beatles, Joni Mitchell)
As much as people say I give them through my music, they have no idea how much they’ve given me in return,
I can still see myself the first time I sang Natural Woman… I must have been 10 years old.
Just like the song & myself, its gone thru so many different transformations.
Because of its greatness, it survived & persevered kind of like the way people do.
My mom is my biggest fan (even though she always wished I would sing opera)
It was my mom who told me about “The Voice of Germany” music competition.
She believed I could win!
My Blind audition was one of the greatest moments of my life, as it was hers.
It was broadcast the night of her birthday, she must have watched me singing Natural Woman a thousand times!
Thank you mom. For being my fan, & for being the most Natural Woman I could ever have been blessed to have as a mother!
Every note I sing….I sing it for you.
I love you.
Your loving daughter, Pamela xoxo