New York Voice Academy- Düsseldorf- Gesangstraining mit Vanessa Mai

Posted on 1. Oct 2018

Gesangsunterricht, Gesangstraining and custom-making Vocal Coaching programs for Vanessa Mai can be very challenging. One day she’s in the recording studio singing her next single, or out performing with her band and dancers live in an Arena, or preparing 1 or 2 songs for a live TV show ( Gottschalk, Joko Winterscheidt or Carmen Nebel)…

Vanessa knows the importance of good Basics! (A good night sleep, drinking lots of water, no alcohol, Warm ups, Warm downs, sport workouts for the body, Good nutrition & Practice, practice, practice).



The longer the shows she must perform, the shorter and more intense her voice trainings must be. The shorter the show, the longer and more powerful her trainings are. She trains her voice like an athlete. Singing is a very athletic sport. The voice must work it’s way through marathon days of interviews, rehearsals, training, touring and performing.

As a Vocal Coach, I love mixing up different Vocal Techniques & exercises I learned from my favourite Singing Teachers in  New York. My favourite voice exercises, come from a great Father & Son Team in NYC (Lady Gaga & Aguilera love them too!)

I still use these exercises for my own singing voice and training today…. I love it!

Vanessa is a very hard worker and a very talented Artist.

It’s fun working together work with her….