Pamela’s Profile

Realname: Pamela Falcon

Nickname: Oona

Eye color: Dark

Hair color: Vibrant.

Birthplace: A hospital.

Home at the moment: Is my solace and retreat.

Hobbies: Anything creative.

Influences: The 60’s & 70’s soul & rock and roll.

My favorite song: “I want to know what love is” By Foreigner

My favorite movie: The wizard of Oz.

My weakness: Chocolate.

My personal strengths: My tenacity.

My idea of perfect happiness: Peace on earth.

My favorite pastimes: Dreaming and writing.

My favorite place: The Beach..

My Real Life Heros: Bob Hope, Martin Luther King Jr., Oprah, JFK.

My greatest achievement: In the works!

My most treasured possession: My voice.

Which people have influenced my life? My mom, and those who make positive contributions to the world by helping of others.

Things I want to make better in the world or have changed: 1.) A better understanding between people. 2) To have a greater respect for our differences.

My greatest gift: My humanity.

My motto: “Never, never, never, never, ever give up.” -Winston Churchill