Thank you Bochum! Nothing compares to you…. xoxo

Posted on 2. Feb 2019

Thank you Bochum🙏 The Best Audience in the world. Thank you to all of my wonderful guests who joined me on the stage for my 1000th New York Nights Show! 😢 Thank you to my fantastic band; Klaus, Andi, Ettore, and Ray🎶! Thank you for your beautiful words & flowers 🌹Thomas Eiskirch, dem Oberbürgermeister der Stadt Bochum and Dirk Steinbrecher & Leo Bauer! Thank you for my beautiful photo cake Stephan Dewender😘! Thanks to all of the AWESOME musicians & singers 💋who rocked the Riff every wednesday night over the last 19 Years 🎉! Thanks Al & Mel Falcon. , Marcel and the whole Riff Team, Freddi on video, DJ Maicel, Max Jenrich & Rat Rental for the spectacular kick that you added to our last show! What a great honor & adventure this has been for me! These were the best years & times of my life that I shared together with all of you! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤️ Fotos: Steff Aperdannier