Posted on 12. Apr 2021

Pamela Falcon & Mara Bergmann have been Coaching as a duo for over 7 years together at New York Voice Academy in Düsseldorf. Together they’ve been providing their valuable training ideas, vocal tips and presentation skills.

“Our approach is completely outside the box! What makes our coaching so unique and effective is that we both approach it from two different worlds. Mara brings her european flair with years of experience working as a journalist, along with her expertise in front of the camera, possessing a natural charm, strong presence while interviewing people on tv, or moderating before a live audience or for an online company event. I on the other hand bring the New York style! Where I grew up spending most of my early years training my voice with some of the best teachers and vocal coaches in the world. I worked the nyc club circuit, owned & ran a top recording studio, arranged background vocals, composed songs for artists, advertising jingles, tv and radio. I learned how to conquer my stage fright and performance anxiety. I’ve sung and delivered my music to audiences all around the globe with concerts, events, tv shows. I enjoy helping singers, speakers and people improve their vocal communication skills. When you train your voice, you more build confidence, and power. Why not bring more certainty, spontaneity, and playfulness into your life, business & routine!”