Posted on 29. Apr 2022

Gesangsunterricht und Präsentation Training in Düsseldorf! New York Voice Academy is celebrating it’s 12th year! We’re moving fast into 2022. This is the perfect time of year to Level Up your overall performance with new coaching ideas that help to create the progress that you need and want.
The best investment you can make is in yourself”
– Warren Buffet
This has been a busy month helping singers prepare for upcoming projects. BB performed in italy and released her latest song, Lenny Pojarov had her solo performance on piano at Stadt Klang in Düsseldorf, Tim Peters performed his hit song “Auf die nächsten 30 Jahre” on Beatrice Egli’s new TV show (über 2 Mio Menschen sahen ihren show)! Busy days collaborating with my coaching partner Mara Bergmann, helping our Henkel clients train and level up for their most important company presentations.
I’m looking forward to coaching this years Starlight Express Musical cast in Bochum!
My singing workshops will be starting again soon on Sundays Call for more info).
How is your voice? Would you like to learn more about it? Which singing or speaking techniques can help you?
Every voice can be improved. Change your voice, change your life!