Deutscher Fernsehpreis 2022

Posted on 16. Sep 2022

I had the joy to work with and coach Walter Sittler on his vocal performance and recording of “C’est si bon” for Iris Berben’s Ehrenpeis Celebration on this years Deutscher Fernsehpreis on ZDF. Walter is a Pro! He’s brave, hardworking and very funny! He has a beautiful speaking and singing voice. Very well done Walter!

As far as performers go, rehearsals, scheduling, changes, interviews, meeting demands can be quite challenging for any artist. Singing is extremely physical, it accesses our mind, body and spirit all at the same time. Singing like any sport requires training and conditioning yourself to reach your personal best levels or stretching yourself for those high olympic size levels of consistency, mindset, vocal care, and acquiring good habits while touring, podcasting, presenting, performing, recording your next song or audio book! Our voice is such a powerful tool and gift that allows us to communicate with others all around the world. Level up your vocal abilities. Feel and sound your best. Feel the power of your own voice! Singing is such a great adventure.